Have a question about Chockoyotte Country Club?  We have a small list of frequently asked questions that can help!

Question: How do I obtain an application for Membership to Chockoyotte Country Club?

Answer: Membership to Chockoyotte Country Club is available only through sponsorship by a current Member in good standing. You can only obtain an application from a sponsor. 

Question: Are corporate memberships available?

Answer: Membership to Chockoyotte Country Club is available on an individual basis only. All Member accounts shall be in the name of the individual Member.

Question: Are guests allowed in Chockoyotte Country Club?

Answer: Members are allowed to bring guests with them while using Chockoyotte Country Club. Guests to Chockoyotte Country Club in the absence of the Member must obtain a guest card. There are limits to guest privileges that are outlined in the Chockoyotte Country Club By-Laws.

Question: How long does it take to be approved for Membership?

Answer: The Membership process varies depending on the number of openings and the number of pending applications on the waiting list

Question: Can my company have meetings at Chockoyotte Country Club?

Answer: Yes, Chockoyotte Country Club is equipped to handle all types and sizes of business breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, and meetings. However, the billing for the function is through the individual Member’s account.